Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 105 - 25/03/2010

Hello all,

Today was the day to face up to what is coming just around the corner. Fran and I had a trip to Sheffield for my initial radiotherapy orientation appointment. I met the team, had a CT scan, got tattoed (just little dots) in order for the radiographer to line up the machine to exactly the same point each time. Had a blood test to prep for my chemotherapy and recieved the long list of dates and times for the future treatments. I have one further appointment to sign all the details and review my chemotherapy plan on Tues 30 March then I have 25 RT sessions starting on 07 April.

I must say I didn't like Weston Park as it all seemed very closed in with low ceilings and narrow corridors. The people were really nice though and made me at ease as much as they could!

I think the worst part of it was that everyone attending had cancer of some sort and there was an air of doom and gloom - the staff do their best to keep the atmosphere up - it must be quite tough though. I am open to the notion that it was not the hospital but the way I was feeling being it was my first visit, we will see on that one.

I went to Chesterfield Royal yesterday to have a review of medication and fluids etc. As we unfortunately couldn't get the blood out of the PICC line yeaterday it was decided that I would have Dr Mel taken my blood every 2 weeks at Chesterfield when I am meeting to review my treatment. Blood tests came back okay so no worrys there. As the stoma output is levelling off I am okay to reduce the IV fluids by 500ml and increase my oral. The bonus was that I can now vary my oral fluids and had my first cup of tea in 6 was heaven!

Finally Fran and I are now fully self sufficient as we can now connect and disconnect - Also the final hurdle Fran was signed off on changing my dressing. It sounds easy but to keep the PICC line steady, unclip it and place the new locking mechanism and placing a clear dressing over the top is not as easy as it sounds. Fran did a great job!

Colm visited on Saturday, great to see him 'so it was, to be sure' - we cant wait for the time when we can do what we want and pop out for a guinness or two like old times!

I hope all are well, please dont be strangers and let me know how you are doing.


T xx


  1. Do you remember the lovely cups of tea I made!? Must come and see you soon and refresh your memory. Take care much love Debxx

  2. good news on the cuppa and hopfully once your treatment has started it wont seem such a daunting place!!we are all here for you as always !just shout love you way much big bro!!thankyou for sharing these thoughts with us you are still thinking of others as usual and thats what we love about ya init bro as the kids would say!!
    love ya little sis and passing on all the best wishes from the southerns !!xxx

  3. Hi Tony

    Just read your update and it sounds like you are being very brave, Positive thoughts coming to you from the Dickson household....

    Lots of Love

  4. Hi Tone, glad things are on the move, sooner started so you can get it out the way and get on with a more normal life!!Dad is snoozing in front of tv as per usual but swears he didnt miss a thing ha ha!we are all here for u, we will pop up to see u soon will let u know on that one !great bout cup of tea !!!!!!!!!!!!loadsa luv ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Thanks, again, my friend for your words of inspiration and your positive outlook. I'm looking forward to my next visit in April, all being well, when hopefully spring will be with us we can get out in the air and beauty of Matlock ... and if you get peckish I know a good cafe!


  6. Good to read that treatment is now progressing. I expect the hospital will look much better once you get used to it and you get to know people. Sounds like Fran is doing a grand job of nursing and caring. It can't be easy for either of you. I think you are being so brave. Pleased to read that Colm has been to see you again. Please give him my regards. You two were always such good mates and what pranks you played when we worked at Watford.
    Take care and stay positive.
    Love Ann xx

  7. Hey Tony, Greetings from oop north. At last Jennie and I have caught up with your blog, and we're glad we have. Appreciate your clear and honest expression. Thank you.
    Wishing for big bear hugs so sending much love to you and Fran and sending prayers to the Father.
    Andy W

  8. Songhurst, keep smiling mate. The hospital may seem depressing but that is always the way. You have been a top patient so far. And now you are on tea there will be no stopping you. Next stop....the pub!!!
    Keep well big fella.

  9. Sorry daily texts have dwindled - have had difficult time at work and the brain has dried up. We are both keeping track of what you are up to through your blog. Hope today went well and that your chemo. plan has been sorted out. Can't wait to have a cup of tea with you so I will be inviting myself round next week when I am off work. See you soon
    Barbara X