Sunday, 14 March 2010


I almost forgot to mention my cravings! I really really would like a bottle of orange Fanta (fizzy orange), a pint of cold Guinness or a nice cup of tea....Life is so harsh that all I have been able to drink for the past 2 months is St.Marks solution...

Seriously though if this is all I have to do then so be it....

St.Marks - Short Bowel Syndrome


  1. My dear Tony I have just read all your blogs from Day 1 and through my tears have to applaud you for your strength and courage. I had no idea you were so poorly. That strong gentle man I know from Watford and Newbury VF is a fighter and you will overcome this hurdle with the help of your faith,family and friends. I know from personal experience that positive thought can and does help. I will pray for you.
    All my love to You,Fran and the family

  2. Hello there,

    Thanks for the lovely words and great to hear from you Ann. I hope the years have been looking after you and would love to catch up soon with you all!

    Much Love

    T xx