Monday, 12 April 2010

Day 123 - Mon 12/04/10

Oh crap!

1) Stoma going well - output slowing down

2) Fran and I working well after a rocky bit in the middle connecting and disconnecting my fluids and changing the dressing for my PICC line.

3) Started Oral Chemo and Radiotherapy last Wednesday

4) Sat night bad chest pains much like being hit in the chest by a sledgehammer - called ambulance and shot off to Chesterfield Royal again.
Transferred to EMU (Emergency Medical Unit) and the to CCU (Cardio Care Unit) on Sunday afternoon after another attack.

After chest scans and symptoms review they believe at present to be Angina - further reviews with the cardiologist tomorrow.

It is that bad that walking to the bloody bathroom to go to toilet and have a wash sets off an attack so I have stuff squirted under my tongue, some morphine for the pain in order to calm things down.

I have a load of other meds such as beta blockers and asprin to reduce and prevent.

The worst of it is I have had all Cancer meds stopped (radiotherapy/chemotherapy) until they work out what is wrong with my heart and get it under control. Best to get what can kill me today under control first rather than what can kill me in several months!

Good stuff is...
I brought a man-bag with the last £20 from my RRD buddies. I managed to go to church. I have seen my Third-Space buddies several times.My church circuit buddies have provided me with a list of drivers who will get me to Weston Pk and back when needed.Stevie Kenyon returned from India safe and sound. Seen all my family. I have a new niece and nephew. Had a fantastic meal with Fran and Charlotte at Piedaniels in Bakewell-it was that good the first mouthful made me grin like a cheshire cat. Catherine seems reasonably happy even though she dropped her i-phone.Colm dropped by. We have a new conservatory on its way and Fran has made the garden look lovely, it will only get better over time....

Things will get better - I am just worried they will get much worse before they do.

Much love and I hate to ask again but much more praying is needed...thanks!

Tony xx


  1. HI TONEloadsa luv from us all , we will b up to see u thurs if that ok , its awful not being nearby at a time like this , you are just brill u must be drawing from all your strength,s just take it easy this is just another blip n i,m sure it will get sorted soon , see u soon luv ma n pa n the family xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hey our kid your certainly going through it !!!wish i could make it better !!as you know we are all here for you and praying hard !!love you big bro and you can do this !!!love from little sis xxxx

  3. hey tony, will say as many prayers as u want us to. u really r a trooper, u r second to none in your strength. love to u and fran xx

  4. Tony, you are still in our thoughts and prayers all the time, you are so strong, and have the love and strength from all of your family, not to mention your friends as well, with the feltham/bedfont lot on 'his lordships' case, he has NO other choice than to make you stronger day by day, he has to, there is no deal on this one.........but of course, I will remind him again this evening...sending lots of love to all of you....Deb 'n' Co xxx