Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day 125 - Weds 14/04/10

Wahoo - Good News and Bad News

Chest pains of the past few days completely will be pleased to hear that I dont have heart problems anymore.

Following the issues all my heart scans have shown that all is okay although the ECG showed activity when I had an 'attack'

All Chemo and Radiotherapy was stopped whilst they worked out what was wrong and surprise, surprise the pains stopped. The cardiologist/oncologist worked out that the chemo tabs gave me bad side affects - one of the side affects is a restriction of blood to the heart, hence the pains. So I am back on radiotherapy and whizzed from Chesterfield Royal to Weston Park in Sheffield this afternoon to restart the treatment. I am to discuss alternative Chemo on Tuesday of next wek - not ideal but better than the immediate alternative!

Fran and I went through my wardrobe a couple of days ago and 2 Lounge Suits, 1 Dinner Suit, 10 Shirts, 3 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of jeans headed down to the charity shop! I now have to buy a complete new wardrobe (the actually clothes not the thing with the doors).

Happy again and hoping all will sort itself out next Tuesday!

I need to catch-up with Mark G, Jaime H, Steve N and Paul B as I have calls outstanding with them all....Thanks to Ja for the airfix model...I will get stuck into that!

T x


  1. hello tony iam soooooo happy that your home again !!take it easy !!love you loads !!
    love to you all !!xxlittle sis xxx

  2. hey our Tone u gave us a bit of a scare there, loadsa luv to all from all ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx