Monday, 27 June 2011

Don't borrow trouble until trouble comes!

The above saying is one that I use quite a lot on the cancer research website - basically means why waste time worrying until you know all the facts!

Like I said a saying I use a lot to advise others but one that I am finding particularly difficult to heed my own advice...

I had a call this afternoon from my surgeons secretary...she noted that there was a chance of me having my colostomy reversed and I had to correct her that it had already been reversed...After a few moments and shuffling of paper, I was advised that I would gain the results of my bowel biopsy and the suggested plan of action at an appointment that I already have planned with my palliative care team at 16:00 tomorrow. I was further advised that Mr S wanted me to know that if I took the surgery option????? there was an appointment booked in my name for a surgery pre-assessment this Thursday.

If I take the surgery option (for whatever reason) this means a stop on chemo so I have some serious thinking to do when I know what I am up against. I understand that I will get the full facts tomorrow and I still have faith in my care teams however I do wish I hadn't had that phone call as my head is most certainly borrowing trouble!!

Much Love

T x


  1. Big.T - That sounds sucky. Can understand why you'd be worrying.

    I hope it's nothing too serious (in the grand scheme of things) and that whatever is going on, that you can keep pushing on with the brilliant work that you're doing to keep your cancer at bay.

    Keep going Big T :0)

    Big hug x

  2. Keep your chin up Tony. Lots of love and prayers are coming your way. God bless, Sylv & pete xx

  3. Oh Tony what a 'mare! I wish they wouldn't do things like that! Your mind must be all to hell.
    Be thinking of you at 4pm tomorrow. Let us know what happens when you can.

    Much love to you


  4. Hi Tony,

    Totally agree with Shents, wish they wouldn't do things like this.
    It could so easily have waited until tomorrow when you were actually there :-(

    Standing by your side tomorrow & waiting to hear what's going on
    Huge hugs xxxx

  5. Hi Tony, found your blog today and what an inspiration you are. It made me smile and made me cry. Much love to you and yours, Caz x

  6. Caz, welcome to my blog, glad it made you laugh too...

    T x