Sunday, 12 June 2011

Spoke too soon!

Like a fool I forgot the big constipation causing injections of anti-sickness, atropine x 2 and steroids, also the tablets given to combat the side effects would be too much for my current levels of laxatives....I should have included some powerful movicol to the mix... I was so pleased with they way this cycle was going that it went out of my mind.

What resulted next was me screaming in both low and high pitched screams with the most incredible pains.

Oramorph and 8 sachets of movicol and by this morning I am thankfully back to normal....The worst of it though was the thought of Fran and Charlotte listening and knowing there was absolutely nothing they could do.

As you all know I have major pain issues in my sigmoid colon and back passage which thankfully the recent MRI scan didn't show anything suspicious. My brilliant surgeon Mr S at Calow spoke with my palliative care team and has decided to take a look with a camera, called a sigmoidoscopy. That is booked in for next Thurs 16th. He has arranged sedation as he is aware as to why I am there and doesn't want to cause undue pain with cameras poking about. Mr S is doing the procedure himself and then we will talk straight away as to what the issues are. 

When I read on the cancer forums as to the levels of care some get, mine is a golden example of the NHS and how they all communicate...I have my Oncologist and Macmillan nurse at Weston Park, I have a community Macmillan nurse based at the local Ashgate hospital, The palliative care team at Calow, my surgeon also based at Calow and not forgetting Limegrove surgery with their brilliant doctors and the district nurse team that call me by phone once a week...I couldn't ask for more.

You will all be pleased to know all is well again - I have learnt another little tip for all out there going through the same or similar, when you have your chemo and supporting medication, please discuss increasing your laxitive regime for a few days with your care team.

Much Love


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