Saturday, 11 June 2011

Praise the lord and all my good friends!

I went for my chemo after Prayer, EFT (, Lorazepam, good conversations with friends and family alongside support from my facebook and cancerchat buddies and a good lunch (I recommend Fried egg sandwiches pre chemo). They all helped enormously as I am absolutely fine....all of this helped me change my mindset from chemo is harmful to chemo is good for me...

I spoke with my mum, Wendy's texts and Barbara despite only having bowel surgery a week ago came for a visit with Graydon. My Aunties Chris and Colins emails always help... My HR manager also called to review status which was good.

I had a bed booked on the ward as I still have problems sitting and they also booked the bed for overnight as a precaution. It turned out the bed available was a side room just for little me....quiet and peaceful..Due to the sedative I slept for most of the 8 hrs and managed to eat dinner at 6....sausage, mash, peas and onion was such a contrast from last time.

And this morning I woke feeling slightly strange but able to go downstairs for breakfast and a cuppa in the lovely warm conservatory with Fran.

There are many of you out there needing prayer and there is enough to go around...if you are going through a particularly rough time, whatever your beliefs let me know and I will add you to my prayer book....I may not remember or be able to pray for you every day but you should take comfort that you are in my little red book.

All Good

T xxxx


  1. I meant to ask this a few days ago. I would love it if you could put my name in your prayer book. My ileostomy reversal is Wednesday morning. The next few weeks should be interesting...

  2. Steve,

    Consider it done...I had mine done back in June of this year and yes, whilst the operation is relatively straightforward the following few weeks were interesting.

    T x