Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ouch that hurt!

Just a quick update...

Still not sleeping much so spent much of last night watching a US series called The Wire...recommended by my mum...I am hooked, It is set in the inner city areas of Baltimore and shows life within a police unit and their opposites within the drug gangs. Not your usual shoot em up as it gets under the skin of both sides and kind of reminds me of a modern day Hill Street Blues.

Anyways I went for my Sigmoidoscopy this afternoon and as Mr S had done one previously in clinic I opted not to have the sedative but to have the Entonox (just in case).  Pretty stupid of me as last time I didn't have this incredible pain under investigation...

Mr S had to take a couple of biopsies and said that he knew the area he was focusing on was the right one due to my immediate reaction. I screamed whilst he snipped a couple of bits off to be sent away...they really don't need much!

He is going to rush the biopsies through and noted this was because I was in the middle of treatment...usually it would take 4-6 weeks however he hoped to have something back within a week. The red/sore patch could be the result of radiotherapy damage or a reoccurence....we will know more shortly..

T xx

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