Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cancer Support Groups and Their Benefit - David Haas

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Few illnesses are quite as devastating or life altering as cancer. Those affected by cancer are often overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, depression, pain and uncertainty. Cancer survivor groups can be an invaluable resource for such individuals. Survivor networks consist of people who have survived cancer, or are in remission or are presently undergoing cancer treatment. Many survival groups also include members of the cancer patient’s immediate family and their close friends.

Cancer survivor groups are often organized by region and by type of cancer. For example, an individual being treated for mesothelioma would find information on mesothelioma life expectancy, treatment options and other issues, with a mesothelioma support group, while someone with lung cancer might find the same information with a lung cancer support group. The groups are often structured in a manner that allows people to find and connect with others in their same area.

The prime purpose of such groups is to extend peer support to other cancer survivors and to those struggling to overcome the disease. The goal is to provide information, companionship and support, both emotionally and physically. Members can help each other understand what to expect, what to look forward to and how best to move forward with their lives. One of the prime examples of such a support network is the Cancer Survivors Network organized by the American Cancer Society.

The goal of the network is to help cancer patients and their immediate families cope with and manage the disease through the treatment and recovery phases. The network allows people with cancer to search for and find others in a similar situation. It allows them to communicate with each other via personal blogs, message boards, chat rooms and direct contact. The network offers a service call Road to Recovery that provides cancer victims with free rides to their treatments. Members of the network also often provide free lodging for those who need to travel away from their home for treatments. Like other survivor groups, all of the help and support offered by the Cancer Survivor’s Network is available for free to members. Numerous other support groups offer similar help for people trying to overcome cancer. These support networks are often a lifeline for victims that can offer them solace, information and the reassurance they need to overcome or cope with the disease.

By: David Haas

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