Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quick Update!

Went to the palliative care clinic today...no results to my CT scan last Thursday although not expecting any as yet.

Pain is the main topic as this is where I go to talk through medication etc. The pain from my ulcer/scar tissue appears well under control and as long as I don't let myself become constipated after chemo (due to steroids and anti-sickness drugs which are given alongside chemo) then I am okay.

Dr M did mention that Mr S (my surgeon) would like to take a more in depth look at my colon under general anaesthetic to see what is underneath the scar tissue as he has only taken a a biopsy from the ulcerated area. He is happy to wait for a while as ultimately the treatment would be the same as I am on now. It may however make a better case for the removal of the offending piece of colon and the permanent colostomy...something to think about!

So all in all a good visit, I will update again when I get the results of the CT scan which should be in the next week or so....I have requested that my Onco emails or rings me rather than wait for the clinic (mid August)...you all know how I worry!

Much Love

T xxxx

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