Friday, 22 July 2011

Preparing for Chemo

Dear All,

Today and previously I have had negative thoughts of chemo...we all are aware of the terrible side effects which vary from session to session. Whilst we understand that chemo is a necessity it is not something we enjoy - until now.

For the past 3 cycles I have recently been changing my thoughts of chemo - instead of being scared of chemo and thinking of it as a bad substance invading my body, I have been thinking of it as a lifegiver as something that is purely good for me.

There are different ways in which I do this which may help others....I pray and thank the Lord for the discovery of chemo and the medical staff who study Oncology and Nurses who administer the drugs. I use EFT with Frances and Acupuncture to improve my blood flow. Everything is aimed at assisting the tumour reduction...I even visualise them being reduced to nothing/scar tissue. I visualise and talk out loud of the chemo going straight to the cancer cells, to where it is needed and not being diverted or diluted...I don't want the chemo wandering off and giving me bad side effects when it should be focusing specifically on the cancer in my body.

With my CT scan yesterday and chemo today lets see how my positive affirmations work - to be honest if they don't cure me completely I would much rather have a balanced and calm mind than a constant negative and unbalanced mind...So either way I win!

Thanks James for the concern, I promise to update my blog more regularly and also thanks to the ladies on Cancer Chat who have been checking up on me and to friends and family who constantly send me love via facebook etc.

Much Love

Tony xxxx


  1. Hi Tony.

    I really like your approach on this. I used to visualize the radiation blasting my tumor to bits. Didn't think to use the same idea for chemo. Working with your treatment and helping your body do its best surely has to make a difference. I can feel the positive vibes just reading your post. :-)

    Hoping today's chemo is your best experience yet. Take that, cancer!

    Steve xx

  2. brilliant Tone ,keep up the positive!! squash the negative !!all our love ma n pa xxxxxxxx