Saturday, 23 July 2011

Post Chemo

You know what, I am lying here on my bed feeling pretty good..My conversations with God this morning is one of thank fullness for being there with me and Fran.

After all that has been done in the weeks before chemo paid off...I felt slightly jaded after the seemed to take ages, mainly putting the cannula in - it took several goes but I wasn't worried, I felt strangely relaxed.

I slept quite a bit and drank lots of tea...I decided against the sausage, mash with onion gravy. Carol, the beef stew with dumplings was not bad so didn't  miss out. We left the hospital at about 9pm and came home...

I woke this morning at 06.30 and felt pretty good I have said my prayers and spoke about the individuals in my prayer book...I have a little red book where I write the names of those that have requested to be included or that I feel need that little mention...

So this morning I woke, not to the usual thick head but one quite clear...I had my porridge with flax seeds, blueberries, weight watchers half fat cream, teaspoon of honey and some strawberries from our garden...writing this I am painting a picture of an idyllic life, and of someone who is at peace with the world....that is a true picture as having cancer doesn't have to be all doom and gloom and self pity. Someone told me that your energies need to be balanced in death as it is in living, this will lead to a peaceful and calm life and on the opposite side a peaceful and calm death (I am not planning on going anywhere soon, just as a note). So with everything I am doing and the ultimate connection with God comes calmness. I have my moments as I am sure you are aware but today is a good day!

With breakfast, I have an admission to make...I had a small glass of Jack Daniels and Coke at 10am, not something I am going to make a habit of but something that felt right and okay to no frowns out there from my many friends!

As and aside I have come across this beautiful piece of music It is called Time to say goodbye with Andrea Bocelli and Sarah previously noted I am not planning on saying goodbye for a while, just this music is lovely....

Much Love to all of you out there.

Still thinking of you Rose and David!

Tony xxxx


  1. That is a gorgeous piece of music and a favourite on my Ipod. Jack Daniels and Coke with porridge for breakfast - very rock n roll you old rebel, i am very impressed :-) Trish x

  2. Lovely post Tony.
    I like the thought of you in this calm state - sounds good!
    And good on yer with the Jack D's. Sounds a whole lot nicer than the porridge! xx

  3. beautifully said Tony, u shud wright a book, soo many would be able to pull strength from ur words and outlook. u r amazing matey xx lin

  4. oh!that sounds sooo lovely that you are having a good day ,i love andrea bocelli too, we love you all sooo much !!!! sorry about the loveys oh thats another one ! all our l... ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx