Monday, 13 December 2010

Clear the roads!

At last I have finally managed to pass my is to be delivered on Wednesday and its new home is prepared and ready for the new arrival.

Prayers really do work as I selfishly prayed for myself - I know enough about the way prayers work to know not to pray that I passed my test or that I win the lottery, that is not how prayers work. I prayed that I would be safe on the road and would be calm...and I was!

p.s. Doing okay and feeling not too bad at the moment - the tiredness, mouth ulcers and dia is the worst but it is becoming the new 'normal' - Not normal for some but normal for me so I am learning to live with it.

Evil Irene (Irinotecan) No.3 on Friday and looking forward to celebrating Christmas for all the right reasons!

Much Love

T xxx


  1. Woo hoo. Congrats on passing the bike test. I'll be sure to steer clear of you!!!

    Have a fantastic crimbo Big T.

    Jess (Green) xx

  2. Well done !!love the bike !!Pauls gonna be well jell!!ha ENJOY & DRIVE CAREFULLY XXLOVE YA LITTLE SIS & THE HALLWAYS XXX

  3. Keep on keeping positive Tony. Well done, Drive safely. Every Blessing.

  4. Big well done Big T ! :0) You got yourself a gorgeous bike there too! Lou X

  5. Well done on passing your test :-)

    Very nice bike :-)

  6. It's Wednesday now...where's the bike?

    Pictures of you sitting on it would be good now - ask Fran to get snapping away....

    Actually pic's of Fran sitting on it would be good too :-)

  7. Gissa chance...

    I had a quick ride when it was delivered late afternoon then struggled to get the beast in me shed...

    To be honest it scared me a little as it is so big and so fast and what with my current condition I don't much feel like doing dangerous stuff...I may get used to it, we'll see :-)

    T xx

  8. Leave the dangerous stuff for now...

    Just sit on it and ask Fran to take pictures...that'll do us for now...:-)