Friday, 17 December 2010

Is Chemo meant to be fun...surely not...

How can having chemo be fun, surely I must be going mad or maybe kindred spirits pull together...

I had a lady to my left having chemo for bowel cancer...she was lovely and her husband had us in stitches with his stories about dishpan hands and having to get the ironing done before 6pm as he wanted to watch tele. There was a lady next to her who was lovely and a lady next to her and actually opposite me who was there all day and looked stunning with a big smile and a head scarf.

We laughed and joked about me being a londoner and changing into a northerner...I now have my dinner at lunch time and tea at dinner time and leave out the word 'The' when saying sentances as in 'I am off down shops'

The chap with his wife next to me told me to check my pockets as I left as all the dodgy northerners would have had their hands in me pockets - that got the biggest laugh...

I had my 3rd of 6 of Irinotecan and have been told I will have Avastin in 3 weeks time on 7th Jan (there I go again leaving out 'The').

Feel like crap now but things ain't so bad... I used to feel bad like this regularly with a bloody hangover and that was self inflicted...

Much Love and Gods blessings

Tony xxx


  1. It is so good to see you getting back to your old self..... have a lovely Christmas with your family, love Debbie. (kentmum on cancer chat)

  2. It is strange how we bond together and actually enjoy these dreaded visits.I actually miss the unit on my 2 weeks off.You hang in there Tony,you are doing just fine.Loads of love to you Fran and Charlotte
    Rose xxx