Wednesday, 29 December 2010

On yer bike!

I have just been out for a spin and after a bit of a hiccup with the clutch not working (had to top up the fluid) - it went like a dream....

It was wet dark and foggy but I didn't want to get off and the seat is so comfortable on a bigger bike I could have stayed out a lot later had I not been aware that Fran would be worried!

I went to Matlock Bath and chatted with a bloke at 'the kiosk' who checked the brake fluid reservoir and told me my clutch problems were due to a lack of clutch I rode to a little shop in Chesterfield, purchased some fluid and a little screwdriver set and fixed my bike!

Nice to do other stuff!

T xx


  1. Yay! Great to see a picture of you riding on your lovely bike....brilliant.

    Well done for fixing it too - and for not staying out too late and having Fran worry.

    Can see the fog there - we've had grey, mild but clear weather today.
    Too mild really, makes me think something extreme is coming in a few days!

  2. Mint, glad to see you out on it dude.....


  3. tony i love the photo !!please can you send me copies !! glad ya been out and about love ya little sis xxxx

  4. Fab bike.My husband used to have a bonneville and they used to meet at a local bike shop and all help each other with tips.Bike boys love to share tips !!!Great to see you getting out and about .Hope 2011 is good to you and yours.