Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 376 - Tuesday 21.12.10

Dear All,

Many thanks for the support over the past few weeks - I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself which is just not on!

It has felt like I have been at the wrong end of a very long dark tunnel and now I feel I am nearly out the other side.

I am still a bit fed-up with the quarantine situation as I am purposely staying away from gatherings as dont want to get a germ or infection...I have had so much grief in the past year with one thing or another so taking no chances.

I have managed to go out on my bike once last Wednesday - the acceleration is incredible, apparently the bike does 135+ mph and accelerates at 0-60 in under 3 secs...not ready for that yet!

So all good and glad to hear many of my friends doing so well and those that are struggling, please believe me when I say there are silver linings in everything.

If you haven't yet seen my quotes, please have a look at the links below...not a boast to say look at me just a sense of pride that I can make a difference even with the worst prognosis.

Also I asked my Onco a couple of questions and the answer was YES to both...

1. Do I need a flu Jab - YES

2. Can I have a couple of glasses of Red Wine over Christmas - YES

So you had all better watch out as I haven't had a drink in months...seriously though I wont probably have more than a glass but it is just nice to know I can!

One final positive note...with all that has gone on in just the past couple of months I am feeling better and stronger than I did this time last year...whilst I still have cancer in my body it is not the great big life sucking lump I had in my bowel that stopped me walking, sleeping and sitting down...every cloud ay!

Gods Blessings to you all.

T xxx


  1. First off, you have been through so much in the past year that it's completely allowed to feel sorry for yourself from time to time.

    Excellent news about the glass of something for Christmas. As you rightly say 'every cloud'

    Hoping you both have a relaxing Christmas with the family and find an exit from that tunnel. You *may* even need to retreat back inside from time to time.... but it's allowed Tony.
    Don't be so hard on yourself for acknowledging that this has been a really tough year.

    Love to you all from us lot here xxxxx

  2. Glad to read that your posts are more positive now,Have a look on Ovarian cancer,Dot was devastated not so long back and now brilliant news.Good newsw for us all!!!I have bought some masks from boots that they use for bird flu and wear them under my scarf when I go out.Anything to keep the bugs at bay.
    Love to you Fran and Charlotte
    rose xxx

  3. I am familiar with that tunnel. There's been a bottle of red wine in my kitchen for months. It was for a friend who decided not to stay, but drove home. I decided to drink that bottle over the next two weeks. First glass - wasn't sure, the second a couple of nights later felt more familiar. I shan't miss it when it's finished but I'm enjoying giving myself special rules for two weeks - including eating cheese!

    Wow I know how to treat myself right? But that garlic and herb roule was amazing! It's not what the treat is, it's my attitude to it. I was actually giggling and feeling naughty eating it. I hope your couple of glasses of wine make you feel the same :-)

  4. Hey Loopster,

    I had a pint of Stella tonight and whilst it tasted great I felt bloody sick afterwards! Not Fair!

    I have been eating bad stuffs lately so whilst not been too bad will give myself the Christmas period and then get back to the healthy eating regime.

    I absolutely love Boursin (both types) and will give wine a go tomorrow to see if that makes me feel any better!

    Have a great Christmas

    T xx