Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Here we go again!

Hello all,

Well my persistence paid off and found out why Mr S wants to see me tomorrow morning at 09:40....

They found a suspicious mass in my liver, I am to get my PET scan after which they will be able to determine if it has also spread to my bones and/or lymph nodes.

If it is only in my liver they can do curative surgery (I like the sound of that), although if it is spread elsewhere there will only be the palliative route.

One chapter ends and another begins...

I hate to ask again but any chance you can start with the praying again, I have a bike to ride!

T xx


  1. and I wanna meet up for that cuppa sometime - especially if you rock up on the bike!

    No need to ask - already on my knees

    Stay strong, dear pal - thinking of you


  2. Tony,

    I'm fairly sure - in fact I'm convinced - that the people who have prayed for you have never stopped praying for you.
    You're a special person and we all need you to be around.

    I don't pray personally - but I know plenty of people who do, and they are all praying for you as well.
    Much luv, xxxxx

  3. dear tone ,another battle to win !!!we are all here for you, prayers etc being said and love, xxp.s have you got your leathers yet n crash hat you will need em to do the bike test !!cant wait to see it just dont let dad have a go on it !!!much love to all ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hey Tony,

    Thoughts and prayers are with you... Just a thought and may be of no use but we can give you Gills contact details - not sure if you met her at the wedding, she was the woman manically running around after 3 kids. She is an oncologist at Adam Brooks in Cambridge so she may be able to offer some advice etc... Just a thought, let me know if you do as I am sure she will be happy to assist if she can..

    Thinking of you all.... Lots of love Charlie & Chris xxx

  5. Tony,
    I'm so sorry to hear of your new chapter. Hugs x
    I will light a candle for you in our beautiful blue and white tiny chapel in Rhodes. Its so peaceful there, I'm always sure that there is someone powerful listening.
    Sarah xxx

  6. Hi big bro hope all went well today !!have even said a prayer or six myself !!Thinking of youall as ever love you way much!!little sis and the hallways xxxwhatever when ever just call!!xxxx

  7. Don't forget that threesome with Anne and me in Matlock is stiil a firm date when ever you say the word, but it might be a squeeze getting all of us on your bike for the trip to Bakewell ;o)

    Stick in there big guy

    David [[T]]

  8. Tony this is Carole`s Mum, Dot, so sorry to hear you are still having problems and i wish you all the luck in the world for your scan. i want to tell you what a great imspiration you have been to Carole and i thank you for all your love and support to her , i know they have helped her on this horrible journey with Cancer.I hope and pray that you both get through this journey. lots of love and big hug xxx

  9. Thanks to all...

    Dot, you have one fine daughter..who has taught us all so much about determination...I'll bet she was a stubborn little 'official nuisance' even at an early age :-)

    Much Love

    T xx

  10. Tony yes she was a stubborn little so and so , still is bless her , but we love her just the way she is . yes i know that i am blessed with having a lovely daughter like her.all our very best wishes to you for your results of your Pet