Monday, 11 October 2010

Midlife Crisis!

They say that when a man has a mid-life crisis they do one of three things:

New wife, nope happy with the one I have

New Job, nope happy with the one I have

New car, okay with the one I have, however thought it about time I passed my bike test...test yet to come so have brought a new bike...I hope you all approve of the model:

I promise you all that I will drive slowly!



  1. Tony,

    There is no way you'll be driving slowly on that bike but you will, I'm sure, be riding safely...speed is part of the fun with the bike but only safe speed eh :-))

    I like the bike - good choice xxx

  2. Woohoo! What a purchase!
    The only 'motor'bike I've ever had was a 50cc moped that I used to ride to hockey matches on. (Hockey stick was gaffer-taped on to the back!)
    It used to take me and hour to travel the 25 miles to Newcastle, and I had to pedal up the steep hills!
    Drive carefully Mr MLC and make sure you buy a good helmet!

  3. Easy Rider!

    My mid life crisis lead me to Greece! Don't call me Shirley!!