Sunday, 17 October 2010

Thursday Appointment...


Sorry I haven't updated before, been a bit stunned.

Went in for my 09:40 appointment, met Eileen the Colorectal Nurse which made me feel slightly better to see a familiar face...also saw Knowlesey outside the hospital (a brilliant chap who was in my ward) - He looked real smart as going for an interview, I wonder how he got on!

Mr S confirmed that he believed I had a secondary liver tumour and a shadow in my pelvic region. He performed a sigmoidoscopy and ruled out any local recurrence and informed me they would arrange an urgent PET scan. I also discussed my current regime which he said would not do me any harm and that alot of the 'alternative' medicine is not based on much scientific evidence so to be careful. As long as I was eating a balanced diet it all should be fine.

Checked out the dull ache in my left side - probably attributed to the liver problems. The burning sensation on my left scarring is probably due to nerve damage as is the pain in the backside when I sit for a while...

The prognosis so far is...the PET scan will show the full story (whether there are more tumours in my liver, lungs or cancer in my lymph nodes and/or bones)...I am trying so hard not to borrow trouble until it is here but it gets more and more difficult - so I look at the top and bottom of what I have been told:

1) If there are no further spread and the tumour in my liver is of operable size it will be removed.

2) If there is any spread elsewhere they will be talking palliative care to control the cancer (not dwelling too much on that one)

I received a call from the Northern General on Friday evening to arrange the PET scan for 09:30 Monday am...all sorted...Charlotte is round at the K's for tea Monday as I will be radioactive and have been told to stay away from pregnant ladies and kids under 16 for 8 hours so will pick her up later.

Man I could do with a drink, but like I said before with a dodgy liver probably not the best choice to make! However if option 2) I will be off down the Duke of Wellington for one last session before green juice and green tea all the way...

All my family and friends are mobilised...the prayer warriors have been put on alert (thanks minister Lyn) so whilst I am not sure of a definite cure things will be the best they can be..

Richard as always is looking after my interests at work and I hope to close a couple of projects prior to any time off required.

I also have my module 1 motorbike test next Wednesday after which I will be able to book my module 2 and once they are passed I can ride my has to have goals in life!

Any way my stomach has settled down a bit so off to bed to get some beauty sleep...

Much Love to all and God bless.

T xx


  1. Tony - thanks so much for the update. I've been checking the blog regularly for news.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow with the PET scan - I hope its not too long before you get the results so that you know exactly what it is that you are facing. I'm hoping and praying its no.1, and so too will countless others around the country who have never even met you, but consider you to be a very special friend.
    Much love
    Shents xxx

  2. Everything crossed for number 1, xxx

  3. Good luck tomorrow!!!!I know how awful it is starting again although I had 9 months thinking I was OK but all that wheatgrass wont have been for nothing!Hope you can feel the big hug coming your way.
    Rose xxx

  4. Thinking about you tomorrow

    There's something in the post for you, but you probably won't get it til Tuesday now.

    Big hugs and positive thoughts heading your way.
    Much luv xxx