Friday, 22 October 2010

I failed (by the smallest of margins)

Well I wasn't very happy a bear with a sore head and whole body more like!!

I met up at the motorcycle school at 07:45 and spent the day in Rotherham on the roads where my module 2 test will be...

Ian had his module 1 in the morning at 09:15 and unfortunately failed as he skidded slightly on the emergency stop...

I had my test in the afternoon and on the hazard avoidance I failed by are supposed to go through the speed measuring device at 50kph or above and I went through at 49kph which constituted a failure...absolutely my fault as you are taught to stay in 2nd gear so you are accelerating (on a 500cc it was easy) However I changed up into 3rd gear just before the speed measuring device which dropped my speed slightly...problem here was my auto-pilot dropped in and thought, I know the revs are up lets change gear...I will have to think more next time!

Good though to give me more time although cant wait to ride my bike!

p.s. on the other note, Multi-Disciplinary-Team (MDT) meeting is on Monday where the results of the scan and treatment options are discussed...An appointment to see Mr S next Thursday dropped through the door today - spoke with my nurse who agreed to call me and tell me over the phone if she is allowed to do so on Monday.

vroom vroom

T xx


  1. you speed freak you LOL

    You'll crack easy next time and more power to your Yamaha!

    Cheers and good luck onthe MDT front

  2. too slow ?? LOL! ;0)

  3. Good luck tomorrow Tony.good news only on Mondays !!!
    Rose xxx