Monday, 25 October 2010

Lets look on the positive side...

Results through...

Secondary liver tumour, two lymph node hotspots - one in my pelvic region and the other near to my main artery under my chest. 

Plan is for chemo, review meeting with my oncologist on Thursday after which surgery will be a potential option on the liver step at a time.

I added in a previous log I was looking at two options...

Option 1) Single Liver Tumour no further spread 
Option 2) Multiple spread, palliative care 

Actually it is somewhere in the middle.

Deliver me, out of my sadness
Deliver me, from all of the madness
Deliver me, courage to guide me
Deliver me, strength from inside me

All of my life I was in hiding
Wishing there was someone just like you
Now that you're here, now that I've found you
I know that you're the one to pull me through

Catch-up soon.

T x


  1. So, you're on Option 1a but not on Option 2...all good so far Tony.

    On some of the US sites I've been reading, people are having 100% success with liver tumours with Chemo alone - no surgery afterwards because the Chemo is zapping them.

    Got everything crossed for you, as always xxx

  2. loadsa love tony we will be up to visit on wed, forwards n onwards chemo to go through but anything we can do to help , you know we are all at the ready , i will knit you a couple of bobble hats to keep your head warm ??!!! love you xx ma n pa

  3. Hi Tone,
    Just wanted to send love and positive thoughts from me, Sylvia and Linda. Take care xxx Soo

  4. So sorry to hear the latest update Tony. We are thinking of you and just know with your positive attitude you will survive. We have our problems as my Brian has joined your elete club. Diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Cancer in the stomach and neck of the gullet.So might be in touch big guy for some of your hints and tips. Take care Tony our prayers and love are with you and your family. xx

  5. Into that tunnel again Tony,but the light is once again at the end.You will do it,we are all rooting for you.
    Rose xxx

  6. Ann, So sorry to hear of Brian's plight...

    Alongside writing my own personal blog I and many others go on the cancer research website:

    You may find others on here with the same cancer or just people with all different kinds as cancer that will know exactly how both you and Brian are feeling and what you are going through...It is there for either or both of you so get logged in down there...

    Sending you both much love and good email address is if you need a personal chat and we can get intouch via phone or email...whatever you need.

    Welcome to the club although sincerely wish that you didn't need to join.

    Tony xxx

  7. Hey big Fella,I read all your blogs,positive and negative,It all says one thing to me and I'm sure all your other friends and family will agree,you've grown into a bigger stronger Man then I or anyone could ever wish to be,and that Man will battle through,my heart and prayers with you son,love from a small man,x

  8. I can hear the Rocky tune coming on.......

    hugs and thoughts with you, x

  9. hi tony
    just like to wish you the best of luck for whatever lies ahead, and to say just like many, many more people that we are hear for you and ya family.

    jeff. alias(dad1929).

  10. Hi Tony this is Strongbow otherwise known as Dawn, just heard your latest, so another hurdle and like you say one step at a time,remember all the positive comments you have given me over the last few months,you are a positive person I know it and brave , courageous and a bloody fighter!And I,m here for you to offer mental support and friendship as you have offered me, sending you a great big cyber hug xxx