Monday, 18 October 2010

Home again...

After a bit of a day having my PET scan I am having a cuppa....

I went for my scan at 09.30 and after having the cannula put in my arm I then had to wait until 2.30 for the radioactive injection, another 50 minutes for it to float round my body and then about 45 minutes to have the scan...finally left the unit at 16.30.

I felt bad for the other people that were cancelled as due to a software problem the PET scanner could not function, for some reason they kept me there so I had the whole unit all to myself...

One good thing came of my scan (apart from the obvious scanning for rogue cancer)... I complained of a bad shoulder which has been bothering me for some time...I have not been to see Dr P on this and a swollen knee as there has been enough going on...anyways I had to stop the scan twice because it was so uncomfortable having my arms above my head for nearly an hour...afterwards the technician said I must have injured my shoulder as I had some inflammation that showed up on the, I went and got some Ibruprofen and it feels much better than it has for a while...

Home now and warm...waiting on my CEA blood results and scan results...for some reason I am in no hurry to get them this time so will wait patiently....

Fran was there with me waiting for most of the time and taunted me unintentionally with a pack of shortbread biscuits...I hadn't eaten since 8pm the previous evening so they did look rather nice...

The K's looked after Charlotte this evening after school and fed her before bringing her home...I unfortunately cant have a hug as I have to keep my distance for 8hrs as I am stuff this technology and if you are interested have a look at the link:

Chris and Colin came round last night with some flowers from the Sunday evening service...we said a prayer which was sorely needed and of great comfort...thank-you

Much Love

T xxx


  1. Hi Tony i have been following your story and just want say i will be praying for you and i will add your name to the prayer box as i believe in the power of prayer
    God bless you and your wonderful family

    Brown eyes x

  2. Tony, you have the strength of an Ox. Stay true fella my thoughts are with you. BBM me if you need to chat.