Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Amazing friends at RRD

Dear Blog,

I have to tell everyone about the amazing friends I have at RR Donnelley. I will not share the gift with you all, however it was extremely generous and will provide a buffer for a rainy day that may or may not come in the future.

I hear so many times of people with cancer, having family, friends and work collegues back away when they need them most. They have their reasons, albeit sometimes amazingly selfish ones why they back away and cant handle cancer...however I can't think of anyone that has done so in my case...I am so lucky!

RRD as a company have been amazing and I have no doubt that my resolve would not be as strong without their support...

I had a review with Richard (boss man) and Alastair (hr man) and however many times I meet with them I always go in dreading it as it may be that milestone that you don't want to reach when the decision has been made to let you go...I was told that the recommendation is to keep me working as best as I can for a further 3 months at which time we will review again. It is a climate of reassurance and what they can do for me...they are a huge multi-national company and so often the bigger companies can get lost as far as employees go, it is refreshing for RRD to actually practice what they preach.

Yay Team!

Tony x


  1. Good to know you are appreciated !! I had wondeful supportfrom work as well and it means so much to your self esteem to know that you are valued.You show ,em Tony xxxx

  2. Glad to hear you're being treated well. But then you are kinda special you know!


  3. They know you are worth it big fella. Great news and well done RRD for supporting such a worthy gentleman as our Tony.

  4. hi big bro they sound amazing !!its so good for you and indeed us to see how well you are thought of and the great support this gives you !!love little sis xxx

  5. wow !!tone what a lovely surprise , makes you feel good , that is sooo nice , love you ma n pa xxxxxx