Saturday, 29 January 2011

North South divide!


I was in a different part of the chemo lounge yesterday which was a shame as the 'northern chap' and his wife (having the chemo) were up the other end where I have been before...the rough end we called it...I went down there to go to the bathroom and have a chat wheeling my trolley with me...I did check my wallet and told them all that I had a tenner missing and was only walking through, that got a good laugh...I asked what the topic of conversation was and it turned out to be my favourite subject...what they were having for chap was looking forward to a pork chop, another fish & chips and a young girl hadn't made her mind I wasn't sure what I would feel like so probably scrambled egg and brown toast which I did end up having in the end.

Back home after Irinotecan (5) and Avastin (2) and frankly feel a bit delicate...Due to the issues with the chest pains last time they have reduced the Avastin to 50% dosage of what I had last time - I will ask the question whether that will be 50% less effective but Fran and I are hoping that the prayers and visualisation means that I don't need the full dose anyway...I am trying to look at the half full rather than the half empty approach!

Thankfully I didn't need to stay in last night, Helen the Macmillan nurse told me at my Thursday appointment to pack a bag and that would sort of reverse tempt fate and it wouldn't be needed.

The day was a long one as was in WPH from 10am until after 4pm and as it took 4 painful goes to get a cannula in, time dragged a bit. I felt fine after the Avastin as they gave that to me first over 90 minutes, it made sense as they could continue to monitor my blood pressure every 20-30 minutes for longer.

The Atropine injection hurt a bit, the nurses call it a bee sting but we, the patients, have renamed it the hot poker as it stings like hell after the stuff goes into your arm.

I feel okay apart from the nausea which is strange as I feel sick just thinking, looking at or drinking water so the small fresh juice ice-cubes that Lisa advised on will now finally come in handy!

I did wear my stripey and colourful socks that my pa and ma brought me but unfortunately didn't get a picture as I was in the special area with a 'high dependency' has an automatic recliner and foot rest so you rest and nap better...I so wanted to take a picture of my socks, my chair and especially the fact that at one point I had 5 sharps bins in my vicinity as Carole and I are having a bit of a banter as she has had two sharps bins at home and I have had zero so bit of jealousy going on there...I just can't let it go! :-)

Scan is going to after my final (for this group of 6) one in 3 weeks time so fingers crossed. If everything goes well I will have a rest and continue on.

Hope all are well and hope to see most of you in a week or so. Miranda is locked away safely in the shed so I am not tempted...for the best!

Much Love

Tony xx


  1. Most of who in a week or so, sounds intriguing!

  2. Hi Fiona, I am in self imposed quarantine and will stay indoors away from gatherings and church for a week or so :-)

  3. Hang in there Tony,fingers crossed for good scan results.

  4. Who locked up Miranda?

    By the way I HAVE to mention the sharps bin situation (again)...I had 3 not 2 :-)

    Hugs and hoping for the best scan result possible


  5. I was going to get Fran to put the 5 sharps bins round my chair but it was a bit busy in there...I locked Miranda up as not going to ride her for a week or so...Miranda is my motorbike by the way :-)

    T xx

  6. Sensible to avoid germs.
    Why Miranda? Sorry, I am being nosey today.

  7. I like the programme and Miranda Hart is big and beautiful just like my bike....

    T xx

  8. hey tone!! so glad you didnt have to stay in this time !!glad u wore THE socks, we will prob b up to see you mayb on your 3rd week from now ??yes why miranda ?? i want to know as well lots love ma n pa xxxxxxxx