Sunday, 9 January 2011

Chemo visit 4 (Part 2) my haste to get the details down I forgot to mention my CEA (Carcino Embryonic Antigen) levels have dropped.

When you are in your mothers womb the levels are high and as soon as you are born the levels drop to what the profession calls normal which is 0 - 2.5.

In between my operation to remove the bowel cancer and the secondary cancer being discovered, the blood test result showed the level to be with 'normal' levels at 1.1.

When I was diagnosed with secondary inoperable cancer the level had jumped to 5+ and now the level is standing at 3+ so dropped by 2 whole points.

The consultant didn't seem to think the change in level was significant and said that there are loads of other factors to be taken into consideration, he did say in some patients the level can be in hundreds if not thousands and they are okay.

However I am taking everything I can get as a positive and significant and so should all you supporters out there.

As I have said, if the Avastin can kick start my immune system then I can also do this in other ways.

Continue the prayer, the reiki, the good wishes and positive thoughts as this will NOT finish me.

Much Love

Tony xxx


  1. That's the spirit big buddy - sometimes it's harder to keep up the momentum as I have discovered recently, but it's inspirational stories like yours that help to focus on the important aspects and stay positive.



  2. thankyou big bro just simply for being you!!!xxlove ya little sis xxx

  3. Tony, I have been rather remiss at commenting on your blog and for that I apologise. However, I want to wish you, Fran and the family a Happy New Year. Keep strong, keep the faith and keep remembering that you have a lot of people out there thinking of you. And none of them are calling Crimestoppers so there is an added bonus!!

    Still hope we can do the face to face thing some time. I will try and add you on my MSN.

    Big manly hugs my friend.


  4. thats the ticket our tone!! wer,e all here for you !! lots luv ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. To quote Michael Palin....'Always look on the bright side of life!' and you do! Good for you Tony. You are in our thoughts and prayer. Hope to catch up for a coffee soon.
    Lots of love Sylv & Pete xx