Saturday, 8 January 2011

Chemo visit 4

Hello all,

Shortly after this photo I was whisked efficiently off to a side room given an ECG and kept in overnight - every cloud has a silver lining as they do a great porridge and fry-up at Weston Park for breakfast!

After Fran and I arrived almost an hour late due to snow it was decided to give me the Avastin first over 90 minutes then with a 30 minutes flush through then the Irinotecan for 90 minutes. I had my second Atropine injection due to stomach pains which then appeared to develop into a tight clamp on my chest. Due to previous problems with chemo brought on angina I was given a couple of squirts of Nitroglycerin under my tongue and now have to carry it with me....I am hoping the problems experienced don't prevent me having the Avastin...

I was very impressed with the care and attention I was given, it is given at a time when you absolutely need to feel special, loved and cared for by a profession that so often gets a bad press for their uncaring attitude.

I had an ECG and blood test prior to going up to the ward - they faxed Calow to get my last ECG which was taken prior to me being discharged...this was used to compare my normal Calow ECG with my latest one which proved to be clear - 'good news'. I was also given an ECG and blood test prior to being released from Weston Park this afternoon. They are very through which is very very welcome.

The scarf was a Christmas present from my ma and pa, I had matching socks but forgot to put them on...they will be on next time.

I also met a great 72 year old chap who rides a Vmax motorbike so spent most of my stay talking bikes - to get how impressed I was that he rides a Vmax here is a picture:

My stay also showed me the end of the cancer journey - not nice but then what part of the journey is nice...I saw the on-call doctor that spoke with me earlier given some much needed care, attention and compassion to a fellow patient who was then moved to a private room with his family.

I did the only thing I can do and prayed for Mick the biker and the unknown warrior opposite who was moved to a private room.

Much Love to all

Tony xxx


  1. hey tone that was a scary night !!! so glad u back home love the scarf !!!how nice to b treated by such a caring hospital god bless all who are going through this n also god bless the caring staff love as always ma n pa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Glad they're still looking after you Tony - not glad about the overnight stay though of course. But at least you feel secure with them - that matters so much.

    YAY! to having a nice breakfast there anyway :-)

    Mick the biker sounds like a cool gent...and the scarf is great but we need to see the socks next time too..

  3. Only the best survivors have heart problems during our treatment !!!Glad you received as good a level of care as I did.No more scares now,you bikers are always causing trouble !!!!
    Much love
    Rose xxx