Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day 23 - Sat 02/01/2010

Snowed a lot today...

Feel great although sleeping was rubbish last night, up and down like a fiddlers elbow and felt bad on two counts 1) I woke Fran up who offered to make me a cup of tea at 4am and 2) I woke Fran up and don't like feeling bad, I dont want to suffer in silence, I am no good at it!

We went on an adventure to Chesterfield in the snow, stopped at the top of the hill to help a caravan turn round and then went in to M&S to stock up...The voucher from work is proving darn usefull as brought a nice fleece dressing gown, new shorts and some plain tee-shirts for my impending holiday in Chesterfield.

David W rang to say Church is not on at Matlock Moor because of the snow and later Derek B called after finding out that I was unwell. We had a great chat for about 40 mins which ended with Derek promising to bring me a can of G&T to the hospital. He shared his own experiences from cancer from both his own and his wifes perspective which meant alot...he also said he felt bad as he commented that the diet was working and how well I looked for it when we last saw each other at church...we laughed and I did say that the weight loss was voluntary almost certainly down to the diet as I had put on 5lbs over Christmas.

Rested quite a bit this afternoon and played a game on my PC which helps....I had better wrap this up as Fran is cooking Vegetarian Bolognese and I cant be late...I like my meat although believe it better to cut down a lot due to my condition and keep my blood as clean as possible...should have been doing this in normal life and who knows things may have been different.

Decided to send out the link today so people can keep tabs on progress first hand.

T x


  1. This is such a good idea ,it will help you to get things out and also helps us to share your journey through and out the otherside , i feel very positive , weve been through quite a lot as a family and everyone is standing strong as i,m sure all of your good friends are, so positive thoughts my lad , and if u are good i may make u 6 cheese macaroni alongside your healthy eating of course !!!

  2. Hi Tony, Thanks for letting us in on this. We very much do want to share this difficult journey with you and carry you in prayer and any other way we can. Down at the Bandstand this morning - very cold! Recreating Aslan's table in snow and remembering you all. God bless for tomorrow. Love from Steve, Wendy, Kittywick and Harrold, the softest puncher.