Sunday, 10 January 2010

Day 31 - Sun 10/01/10

Been a bit quiet lately as not much happening apart from the same old get up, pain, take pills, no pain, eat etc....

Anyways today was a good day...Matlock Moor was cancelled again because of the snow and cold so Fran and I decided to go an meet the 'Third Space Massive' down at Hall Leys Park (in the bandstand) - It sorted of reminded me oh so vaguely of Feltham Park and hanging out with the bunch of skinheads...

Graydon and Barbara took the service which was cool - Grayden's musings on who the 3 wisemen were and where they had travelled from had me convinced. The Star and the focus during prayer was very moving.

After prayer we all went to Costa Coffee which had a bit of a crisis as their coffee machine was broken (gasp) so we all went down the road to Wetherspoons. We spoke about many things but the discussion about the Darwin Awards got the best laugh - really set me up for the day this did!

Picked Charlotte from Bakewell then went home for lunch and rest.

I am really not feeling too good today after all the good feeling in the morning...I think I am coming down with something (apart from the obvious) - I just hope I can clear it before the 22/22 January. I have a sore throat which I could really do without so am off for a bath.

Earlier at the group discussion we passed around peoples names that we should pray for with a brief discussion on what/why - It really makes you realise how lucky you are when you listen to others troubles and I am a firm believer of keeping your eyes firmly pointing forward when something unsavoury comes on the tele so you can see what others are suffering.

I could wallow in self pity at my/our situation and dont get me wrong sometimes I do have a little wallowing - however when you read on the Cancer Research website about others troubles like people having a diagnosis and death with 24hrs, others which bring a tear to your eye because they just cant cope...then you cant help but stand strong, pray for others and say a prayer for yourself while you are at it.

Believe me when I say I am fighting this Cancer and struggle with accepting God's will in contrast to wrestling with him until daylight - Genesis 32: 22-32 (Thanks Wend for pointing out x) If you have a Bible have a read and pray for my strength in the battles ahead.

Didn't think I had much to write tonight but went on a bit of a mission.

Good Night.

T x

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  1. Gosh Tony you're an inspiration. I'm sure you're right to speak of wrestling with the cancer - but I think the Jacob story, though obscure, says aomething of not being afraid to wrestle with God too - he can take it - and even blesses us for it! Much the best thing to be honest and angry and vent it at him when we are - he can handle it. I don't mean in any way to undermine your positive approach - that's fantastic. But if you do find yourself in a different place, that's OK too.
    So endeth the sermon for today!
    Wend x