Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 26 - Tue 05/01/10

Snowed a lot today.

No appetite at all today and even though I had told myself previously that I was going to eat and keep my strength up, I didn't eat until about 4pm...I know, I know...I will have to watch that more closely.

Collected my sick note for another month.

Richard my boss called, I had sent him an update and he forwarded it on to the team etc. I got some really great responses which definately help.

Another thing happened that Richard called me about and something I hadn't even considered...my company pays sick benefit of 4-5 weeks then you have the statutory sick pay of approx £70 per week - the rest you have to jump through hoops and go through additional pressures/stress at a time when you don't need it to get the government assistance.

All I can say is I don't have to be concerned as my brilliant Snr Management and HR team have told me they do not want me to worry, thanks to Richard for the efforts and words.

I told Fran and we both blubbed on the phone, but for a change they were tears born out of relief and not sadness.

All,keep those prayers coming as they really do work...


T x

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  1. You could try liquid food ,yea i know u think thats what old people (us) have,? but it would up your srength n vitamins , check it out anyway loads luv ma n pa xxxxxx