Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 35 - Thu 14/01/10


I had my pre-op visit to the hospital today. I must say I was suitably impressed as saw 4 different nurses each one getting more and more detailed and me getting more and more anxious...

1) Blood Pressure, Weight and Height
2) ECG - it wouldn't capture the details so they had to change the machine and pads and then resorted to shaving my chest hairs.
3) Snr Staff Nurse - took some blood, filled in some questions etc and gave me the green light.

4) This was the one I didn't like....not the Nurse as she was a lovely, caring and straight talking individual. It was the one that brought it home just what is going to happen. Nurse Smith is the Colorectal Specialist Nurse who explained the procedure in detail:

I am to have a Low Anterior Resection and in all probability an Ileostomy - This is where they bypass your small intestine through a hole in your right side and connect it up to a little bag.

They are to remove the lower large intestine section on a sort of u-bend and rejoin it. The 'little bag' will give it time to heal.

They will also remove the surrounding fatty tissue and investigate the lymph nodes to see if they are cancerous. If they are they will decide the next steps which will probably include Chemo as previously stated.

One good thing is that as a Cancer patient I get free prescriptions...every cloud ay!

I should be in hospital for 8-10 days all being well.

I have had some great support which really does help I dont like mentioning names particularly as all are special but Lyn, Wendy and Anthony have sent some great supporting emails and Debbie G you should come and visit and taste the difference between Happy Shopper and Macvities Chocolate Digestives and then lets see what you say... :-)

Anthony has spoken to his Mum in Ireland who has sent over some blessed Rose petals which she got in Cascia, they are kept in an urn beside the remains of Saint Rita. Saint Rita's prayers are devoted to the Sick"

Both Wendy and Lyn have told me it is alright to disagree with the man upstairs - so I will pick my words as can do without the bolt of lightening...

Bye for now.


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  1. thanks, I will hold you to that young man! I am sure Fran will be on my side :-) thinking of you always and sending you lots of positive thoughts xx love to all