Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day 27 - Wed 06/01/10

Stayed in bed until gone 10 today...

Chris and Colin popped round for an update and a cuppa, always always a pleasure to see them and talk about me :-)

Went out for an hour tonight to meet with the 'Third Space' family. It was good to see them and a potential new member Chris. Had a couple of pints (of orange juice and lemonade) and Dr Paul gave Mr Simms a glowing reference which put my mind at ease. I got a good vibe from him when we met on Monday and that has been confirmed.

I am sitting waiting for the pain to subside, it is really quite unusual almost a dull ache and a sharp pain at the same hurts and I am not good with pain, the oreos and tea are not helping anymore....roll on 21Jan afterwhich I will hopefully get a full nights sleep and less pain.

I am thankful for the support - thanks for the emails etc everyone is behind, infront and beside me in this - I do not feel alone although in the middle of the night it can be quite lonely..time to think ay.

I don't know if I mentioned it but having strange the other night with an unnerving person who quite calmly told me he wanted to fight me and asked me to go outside...I told him I would not for two reasons 1) He was obviously quite good as he had a nice black suit on, clean white shirt and perfect white teeth and 2) true to form in dreams I can't remember what the 2nd one was.I have my own thoughts on who he is! Funny aye?!

Then another one last night included Lyn and Mike (my minister and her husband) In my dream Mike was standing straight and true and I made them a cheese pie (the hairy bikers had one on the tele).

God bless.

T x


  1. Tony, your such a positive guy and this seems to rub off on everyone you meet. All the best Andy and Julie Marriott

  2. Shades of Genesis 32:22-32????
    Very good to see you last night - despite the rude introduction - I forgive you brother! Counting down the days with you til 21st/22nd dear friend. Keep hanging on in there. No doubt a few epiphanies awaiting in dreams, in waiting, in trusting...
    Love to you

  3. hey tony just wanna say love you loads !!!
    little sis xxxx