Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 32 - Mon 11/01/10

Just looked at Wendy's comment - my strong belief in God had me in a bit of a turmoil as to what to do. I had previously accepted God's will and taken great comfort from it, however whilst my belief stood strong I started to question God in my Prayers and was concerned that this would anger the man upstairs!

God has the power to:

1) Cure me immediately of the Cancer and take away my pain, you see it happening as a miracle cure.

2) Cure me over time, putting me through the necessary trials and assisting the doctors to make the right and timely diagnosis/decisions

3) Have the Cancer end my life

There appears to be a 4th option that I can wrestle with God. I will be up front and respect his decision for 1) and 2) but WILL NOT accept 3) as an option, I have so much more to do on His Earth and in His name.

Sorry to those that are not believers and if you think I have freaked out and being over dramatic then maybe I have and maybe I am, Cancer does that to you!

I think a few days silence will assist me :-)

Hospital appointment on Thursday to check stuff prior to next week, also popped up to see Karen & Langy two of my friends from Church On The Bus. They live in a bus in Matlock and have nearly run out of water and logs so we are going to get that sorted tomorrow. I did suggest they thaw some of the tons of snow around but that upsets the dogs tummy, maybe that bit too cold!


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  1. Keep strong in your faith and beliefs buddy.
    And yes snow does not really go down to well with dogs :-)