Friday, 1 January 2010

Day 22 - Fri 01/01/2010

Happy New Year

Wow last night was tough, I hadn't realised how the doom and gloom had crept up on me..I just wanted to get in bed and sleep. The pain, bleeding, no energy and the vast list of potential scenarios had all mounted up to a huge crescendo...Fran came in with the Bean at midnight so we could have 'Happy New Year' together...I felt so pathetic, weak and out of control...need to deal with it as dont want everyone to be impacted at these early stages when there will be so much more tougher times ahead (or will there!). Maybe this is as bad as it gets mentally, we'll see :-)

Fran and I did a short EFT session this morning which helped alot in clearing away most of the negative thoughts...I also checked on the Cancer Research site and found this quote!

Dont try and deal with things that havent happened yet. Dont borrow trouble till it comes. I know its easy to say but hard to do. Worrying about things to come spoils quality time with your dad. Cancer is such a cruel disease, it not only affects our bodies it affects so many other aspects of our lives. It can make a sunny day gloomy and it spoils lots of things! So for the moment dont let it, Tell it to get lost and try not to let worrying about the future spoil the present...

Let's have it!!!!

T x

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