Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day 21 - Thu 31/12/2009

New Years Eve...

Catherine, Mark and the kids left this morning after a couple of great days...I got to cook Jasmine and Leah's tea and run them a bath, washed their hair and found them a toy to play with in the bath...I will miss them all as they wing their way back to Newbury. Mark's mum has been unwell for the past 7 years and still has hope, she sounds like a strongwilled and amazing lady. Mark also said something that gave me added confidence which I thank him for...the medical profession are making advancements all the time and his mum has had two lots of treatment in the seven years that weren't available when she started...Cool!

Fran, Charlotte and I were supposed to meet with our friends at Barbara and Grayden's tonight for New Year celebrations - I have made my excuses and apologies and sending Fran and Bean along without me.

I really need tranqility and time to think - I need to think things through and whilst it would be good to meet and try and lift the mood I just dont want to at the moment.

Barbara did say she would send me a doggie bag with meat based treats for me - got to keep my strength up!

Sent a mail to SJ, one of my dearest friends at Vodafone today so that she could let a few of my closest friends know the score, I want as much prayer and positive thought as possible if only to counter my distinct lack of positive thought! I got and amazing email back which was lovely - SJ promised to have a couple of G&T's for me and I know she will too as well as several for I could do with a drink!

Am I right to keep this blog or is this self pitying shite? Not sure at the moment and until I am sure I will keep it just for me...It feels okay at times and other times it adds to the irritation of it all!

Jane posted some fantastic pictures on Facebook yesterday which cheered us all up...

Good Night all and Have a great new year!

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