Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day 13 - Tue 23/12/09

Weird day - grumpy as hell...

Very snowy today and cold, the Bean (Charlotte) and I took Jess for a walk over Cavendish field where there was planty of fresh untouched snow! It made me remember the times Catherine and I used to walk in the snow in Maple Cross...

Went shopping to co-op but couldn't wait to get home as in quite a bit of pain.

I keep questioning if i could go back to work in the interim then get reminded why not as I cant sit for long, focus and all of a sudden get this dull aching pain that is like... (cant think of anything).

No phone call, however after getting quite frustrated I listened to what Fran said (dont tell her I said that) - I contacted the patients advocate at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital to assist me in gaining a response as I have left two messages for the GI secretary so far. I am to make a Dr's appointment for next week to discuss my pain relief, tiredness and aneamia in the interim period before my treatment plan is sorted.

I have also joined the cancer research website and have raised a log to gain support and already there have been some solid practicle advice. On reflection the timelines are not that different to everyone else and the experiences are pretty much the same i.e. having to draw out the information and updates from the hospital consulting team rather than it being offered. I will give them a break as it has only been a week and a half and they have to assess all aspects including the biopsy results which they haven't had back yet.

From starting the day feeling I was losing control of the situation I now feel a lot better and slightly in more control than I was...

Oh and popped in to Costa Coffee at about 20.30 this evening as they had Carols in there...Steve, Wendy, Harry and Kitty were there with Liam, sung a couple of carols then went home for Rhubarb Crumble and Custard!

Good night all - Christmas is just around the corner.

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