Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 11 - Mon 21/12/09

Got up early to get ready for my appointment. Charlotte had a bad nose bleed so sat her quietly in her room with a wad of toilet roll up her nose.

The Cystoscope was a strange experience - good news is my bladder is clear so the getting up every hour of the night is probably related to the problem elsewhere!

Got home and watched some TV - had a few tears and there was a knock at the door. David from Matlock Moor popped round just when I needed a chat. We discussed progress and what happens next then just before he left we prayed together. Felt better...

No phone call on the outcome of the hospital meeting so hopefully will be tomorrow...

Not so much pain today so a good day.

Spoke with Catherine, she seems to be okay at present which feels good that she is happy. Looking forward to her visit next week.

Night all!

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