Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 9 - Sat 19/12/09

Mum, Dad, Jane, Nick and Andrew visited today....

It was really great to see them and I am left with the feeling that we absolutely don't see enough of each other....Note to self, New Years resolution is to go down south more!

We had Ham and Cheese Cobs (rolls as they are called darn sarf), Sausage Rolls, Cheese & Onion Rolls and Fran made shortbread.

Mum brought chocolate limes and we had a good open discussion about where we are at.

Fran coped well with all the kitchen duties whilst I played on my illness and waited for cups of tea etc.

I enjoyed the day and hope all did too...Jane was particularly on good form...she placed her wrapped present of the obligatory tin of shortbread under the tree and opened her card from us...We got everyone a donation towards fertiliser for oxfam.... Jane remarked that as we brought her a pile of sh** she was taking her present back..very funny.

Still hoping for good positive news and my Bum still bloody hurts...

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