Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 1 - Fri 11/12/09

Last night was the worst, I had 6 packs of powder to take each in a litre of water. This had to be taken at 15 minute intervals. It served it's purpose although the pain was incredible...I would like to liken it to giving birth but as I have never given birth I can only imagine! Fran and I set off for the Endosopy unit at Chesterfield Royal. I had a camera down my throat and into my stomach which was thankfully clear. The second camera was not so comfortable into my large intestine, round the natural corners and then back out again. Straight away Mr Dear said he knew why I was aneamic and I remember thinking as I saw the 'offending' stretch of colon that it didn't look in the best of health!

Fran and I were called into a side room and informed that the area appeared cancerous and that confirmation from the biopsies would follow along with a treatment plan. Shock is the only feeling at that time...I looked across at Fran and felt deep sadness for her having to hear that...

We stopped at the door to the unit prior to braving the world and yes there were a couple of tears, a hug and then onwards.

We called Catherine, Mum and Richard (my boss) and then drove almost silently are we going to tell Charlotte and decided to be open and honest...

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