Thursday, 24 December 2009

Day 14 - Wed 24/12/09

Christmas Eve...

I got the call and not good news..It is official that I have Cancer of the Colon...oh crap! The hospital patients advocate really does work as had a call from the Gastro Enterologist's secretary then from the Gastro Enterologist straight after with the update.

I have a meeting set for the 4th Jan 2010 with the surgeon and oncologist to discuss the treatment they are going to recommend.

I am looking forward to Christmas with the family and have a nice bit of turkey and bacon ready to roast for dinner tomorrow so not all bad (especially in a vegetarian household).

We watched Terminator 3, ate chinese food, read 'twas the night before Christmas together and hung our stockings up. We put out sherry and a mince pie for santa and a carrot for the reindeer - Charlotte is 14 but just having a bit of fun!

Good night all.

Tony x

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