Friday, 25 December 2009

Day 15 - Fri 25/12/09

Happy Christmas...

We had a great day, nice service with our friends in the bandstand - special!

Had real turkey, Fran made puff pastry parcels with leek and onion sauce, walnuts and blue cheese for her and Charlotte.

Spoke with Catherine - such a shame as her Turkey was dry :-( although she was sort of happy, wish she was here with us.

Nice walk over Cavendish field in the snow with Fran, Charlotte and Jess.

Got some cool presents, new jumper, hip flask, electric shaver and the inbetweeners series 1 & 2 Class!!.

Been a long and busy day, had to do the vegetables whilst Fran was having a nap and watching the Sara-Jane Chronicles with Bean, made bread sauce and chestnut stuffing with brandy and cream, normal stuffing , roast potatos and parsnips with a great turkey gravy, oh and carrots...a fine dinner!

Anyways managed to forget things for a few hours until like a twat I went upstairs to listen to my ipod and started to think of music to play at my funeral...not condusive to a positive mental attitude...had a few tears and then went downstairs to watch Doctor Who.

Now resorted to sitting on a pillow - that's it I am going downhill fast!

Night night and god bless us one and all!

T x

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