Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Day 19 - Tue 29/12/09

Even in the midst of devastating news the world still trundles along with many far worse off than I. The Cancer Research website is proving a great source of support and I now go on daily offering a shoulder and practical advice (I hope) to others... The Gas man cam round at 09:00am to fix the boiler!

The post was good today...

Got my official letter from the hospital with my appointment for Mon 04Dec. Also had a fantastic surprise in a card from work and an M&S voucher...really, really touched by that, brought another bloody tear to my eye...I will have to stop this emotion malarky as people will start talking.

Went to Chesterfield with Charlotte - only stayed out for an hour looking in game shops for Dungeons and Dragons...

Steve K came round this evening for a cuppa and an update...sometimes I need my time alone and in the times when I need to talk there is allways someone there...thanks Steve for listening to my story so far and saying the right things.

Catherine, Mark and the girls got round earlier than first thought which was great had a chat and bequeathed my Kingfisher lager to Mark which was a bit of a struggle letting go, but I got through it...

The kids are now ready for bed so had better go and make their beds up as getting late. Leah made me laugh earlier when she opened her books...woooooh! I think she likes them.

Good day!

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