Monday, 28 December 2009

Day 18 - Mon 28/12/09

Spoke with Colm, my best mate yesterday morning and told him...he was here this morning via the train from Kent. We had a great day reminiscing and laughing and it was all too soon before he had to leave. I took him to Matlock Stn and said good-bye - he said too many nice things that made me cry! I have known him for 20+ years and that has never happened...

Rang mum and couldn't talk for the tears, something that Fran later said was needed although I dont like to make people feel bad by seeing or hearing me upset - I want to stay strong for everyone!

Catherine, Mark and the girls are here tomorrow so cant wait to see them all.

Bean, looked after me tonight by indulging me and watching Rocky III with me, poor girl, what I put her through :-)

T xx

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