Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 6 - Wed 16/12/09

Things have not been too bad as have had regular contact with people. Some do not know what to say and others know exactly what to say....

Lynn our Minister called today to chat and have a cuppa, I cant believe Fran brought 'Happy Shopper' biscuits, some things you just do not do when you have guests :-). The visit ended with prayer and me being annointed with oil, this is the best way to cope and I felt better mentally for the challenges ahead.

Charlotte went off to a Paramore concert with Olivia, Hannah and Lynne (Olivia's mum)...Fran and I went to 'Thirdspace' for dinner. This is our second family where we explore our beliefs and eat well... A prayer had been prepared whereby each person read to me a little piece of scripture..I looked at each person and could see the feeling and belief in their eyes...the most upsetting was Fran's reading, I feel so responsible that she has to go through this. I was annointed for the second time by Fi, Harry and Wend... I sat with my head in my hands afterwards for several minutes whilst I composed myself although it would not have mattered if I was uncomposed...

I do find myself thinking of death quite a bit and am prepared for that and want to ensure that others are also...It is a little early without confirmation to talk too openly although I have prepared the pensions, life policies and monthly bills in some easy to read spreadsheets for Fran...Next is the will so there are no problems if....

Catherine's daily calls, Charlotte's hugs, Jane and Mum's facebook contact and Andrea's blackberry instant messages have all helped alot. There have been some lovely emails from work and some strange ones where people are saying they are sorry to hear my news then asking me work related questions in the next breath - not impressed.

and where would I be without my rock Fran...we have great humour and sadness all mixed in with love

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  1. I cannot believe that with everything going on you seem more worried about the blummin' Happy Shopper biscuits, good on you Tony! in our thoughts and sending positive thoughts to you, with love to your wonderful family too x keep writing