Monday, 4 January 2010

Day 25 - Mon 04/01/2010

Good News - I think!

I have my surgery booked for 21 Jan where they will remove the offending piece and assess the stage - I may also need a temporary colonstomy. I went from talking to Fran about 'what if' I am given 6-24months to live to having a reasonable outcome...

The CT shows that the Cancer has not spread to my liver or lungs which it can sometimes do however they have noted that my lymph nodes are enlarged so will check those out when they operate.

If it has spread to my Lymph nodes then I will need Chemo however the good news,if it hasn't and they are enlarged for other reasons I may not need Chemo!

The surgeon Mr Simms is away next week hence the delay in having the surgery - I am noting that whilst it is classed as urgent, if they were bothered by the delay then surely another surgeon would be appointed.

I am a little more upbeat than I was yesterday as we cling on to any positive news, as well we should.

I asked about pain relief and was told that for the time being I should continue what I am doing, so Ibruprofen, Prayer and EFT is the way forward.

I was even told that a little red wine would be fine :o)

Thank-you all for the kind words, prayer and support, it does mean so much and I am sure has contributed and will continue to contribute.

T x


  1. So glad to hear you feel positive about what was said. Just a "little" red wine to celebrate. Thanks for sharing this. IPEFT sounds a good way forward. Shout if we can do anything.
    Love, Steve + Wendy + Kitty + Harry

  2. we are glad to hear the news big bruv we all send our loveand prayers to you.Do Not forget we are all only a phone call away no matter what time of day or night we are here for you.

    lots of love from wilf ailish john and hannah xxxxxxxxx