Monday, 18 January 2010

Day 39 - Mon 18/01/10

Hello Blog,

I'd like to say I am a little more positive today - I have been keeping busy filling out Critical Illness and Sickness claim forms which are not too bad as the companies seem to keep them as simple as possible which is good. They then do a lot of the digging for info...

I am also packing my bag for Thursday and getting well prepared as I remember what I used to be like when flying on holiday or business - sitting in a chair with a catatonic look on my face!

As usual the good wishes are keeping me afloat, I also have Minister Lyn and Mike coming round tomorrow so busy making biscuits. Also Capt Alan from Church on the Bus called for a chat and to see how I was getting on - he said I would be okay as God has not finished with me yet...what with CoTB and the Dog Collar that is sitting on my office shelf with the words 'Is this for me?' written on it, I have some things to continue to contemplate and pray on!

Strange dream alert... If you can find a meaning in this one I would be most interested:

I was standing in a hotel lift with a waitress and I was in my underpants. I dont think I was actually staying there as I was trying to persuade her to get me a pint of beer. After two attempts at giving her false room details she said if I was that desperate she would get me a pint! Still got the 4 tins of Guinness in the fridge.


I also got a call on Sunday morning from one of my best mates who lives in New Zealand. Steve called and we missed the call first time, he left a message saying that if I was ringing about our mate Jaime (who was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer last year Christmas 2008) then he had already spoken to another friend of ours who had filled him in. He called back about 30 mins later and I had to tell him it was also about me...

I am starting to get headaches and my stomach is a little sicky, I believe this is down to the length of time I have been taking laxatives and Ibruprofen and will mention this when I go in on Thursday.

Feeling quite angry today so need to get to bed early and try to sleep...

Even though I am angry and apprehensive I am looking forward to having this tumour removed as it is quite literally a pain in the arse!!


T xx


  1. Hmm.. not quite so obvious that dream! The only thing it makes me think of is a modern day version of Jesus' parable of the persistent widow and the friend at midnight- Luke 18 & Luke 11. The point about those parables that is so often missed and misunderstod is that Jesus is holding up the judge and the poor friend as opposites of God - i.e. God is not like this... The message of both parables is that while sometimes we have to push and push and ask and badger to get what we want, God's not like that! It's not dependant on your prayers, their perfection or the number of them to persuade God to hear you. So always pray and don't become discouraged as Jesus says in Luke 18:1 God loves you!


  2. Hello our tony ,cant think of what to so say as usual !!!have been thinking loads about when we were kids and the fun and scrapes we used to get into together!!you were strong then and you are proving that you still are !!so next time you have snow its a date we are gonna go sledging !!!there are so many adventures we still have got ahead of us!!!!love you as always ya little sis xxxx

  3. Funny that Jane, you say you dony know what to say 'as usual' and then say the perfect on and thanks, Big Bro! xxx

    Wend, I will catch-up with you on Weds xx